Featuring their patented R2X Stain & Soil Repellent System & SoftBac® Platinum backing

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Cabina Classic Kodiak Bear

Cabina Classic Storm Cloud

Ride it Out color Twig, Carpet Only @ $10.99/sqyd or $1.23/sqft

Ride it Out color Tumbleweed, Carpet Only @ $10.99/sqyd or $1.23/sqft

Something Sweet color Picture Frame, Carpet Only @ $12.89/sqyd or $1.44/sqft

Humor Me 70oz. color Vanilla Cream, Carpet Only @ $19.99/sqyd or $2.23/sqft


Created for the rooms you really live in. R2X is resistance times 2

Exclusive to Shaw carpets, R2X application yields total fiber coverage. This technology is the first of its kind. The yarn is treated from top to bottom, instead of just the surface, so any absorption from the base is minimized. You won't find a better carpet stain repellant on the market.

R2X repels liquid, so fiber and backing stay dry. Carpets treated with Shaw's exclusive R2X process are clearly superior in appearance to comparable untreated or topically treated polypropylene products. Polypropylene is often criticized for its propensity for soiling, and topical treatments have been the conventional response, with little success. In addition to its remarkable success with nylon products, Shaw's patented R2X process now offers a breakthrough in soil and stain resistance technology for polypropylene and polypropylene / nylon carpet. R2X stands up better than leading stain repellants. The increased repellency of R2X keeps liquid stains on the surface of the carpet where they can be easily removed. Stains do not penetrate to the back of the carpet and do not work back up to the surface after initial cleaning. R2X allows more time to clean up life's messes.

Soft carpet. It can make a remarkable difference in the intimate rooms of your home. The softest carpets start with SoftBac® Platinum. It's a patented double-built foundation technology that creates the highest level of softness and flexibilty. You can feel it on your feet. Plus, carpets with SoftBac® Platinum look better longer and provide increased sound and thermal insulation. You want the best for your home.....

Shaw's patented SoftBac® Platinum enhances luxury performance and installation. Its unmatched dimensional stability allows Shaw to offer a 10 year No Wrinkle Guarantee with every carpet. Trust SoftBac® Platinum for carpets that will make your house a home.

Soft. It's the way life should be.

Philly Queen Commercial

Style - It's about precision beauty. Creating Radiant colors for sustainable solutions. Engineering looks that last in demanding environments. It's about designing for life....

Philly Queen Commercial by Shaw is working to bring you exceptional and personalized customer service, alongside our tremendous breadth in product lines with fresh styling in exciting patterns, intricate textures and richly colored hues.