Resilient Flooring

Nature-Inspired Style: Earthwerks™ Luxury Vinyl brings the outside in! Their tile and plank designs uniquely capture the graining of woods, the rugged elegance of mountains and the beauty of wildflowers. Whether your style is classic or contemporary, trendy or casual, Earthwerks™ Luxury Vinyl will reflect it.

Value: Fashion doesn't have to mean fortune. Earthwerks™ entire captivating line of luxury vinyl tiles and planks are produced to offer superior durability and high fashion. Versatility, aesthetic beauty at outstanding value – a natural fit.

Thinking beyond the horizon: Earthwerks™ Green4Life program is revolutionary. When you buy Earthwerks™ G4L products, you know you're "green conscious" because their luxury vinyl tiles and planks are manufactured in energy-efficient facilities. While all of their products are recyclable, products shown with the G4L mark are produced using a minimum of 20% to 50% recycled materials.

And with G4L, when it's time to remove the old floor Earthwerks™ can help you Reclaim, Recycle and Reuse by assisting you in connecting sources for recycling or reinstallation in worthwhile projects in your area. You'll help the environment and receive valuable goodwill as a responsible community partner.

With Earthwerks™ and G4L, you can have it all. 

Make a statement....without saying a word.

Beautiful, Durable & Affordable: Nafco Luxury Vinyl Flooring

The long lasting, low maintenance pleasure of resilient products from Nafco is only the beginning. Their patterns and designs range from rustic elegance to contemporary cool. Add their exclusive GroutFit® system, the tough protection of Tritonite®, and their cutting edge craftsmanship, and you've got floors that retain both beauty and their value.

Easy to afford. Easy to install. Easy to maintain. Nafco has something for everyone, no matter what you want to say.

Room design starts with your floor. Consequently, choosing the right flooring is an important decision. It is a process in which you have to consider both personal taste and practicality. You want a lovely floor, but it has to resist heavy traffic, the pets, the kids, their toys and accidental spills. Flexitec has a unique cushioned vinyl flooring that combines great looks with ever-lasting durability. 

Flexitec luxury vinyl has an exceptional molecular structure and can be used in an infinite number of applications. It is a very flexible material that creates a world of flooring opportunities. Vinyl floors are known for their ease of maintenance and are unaffected by high levels of humidity, which makes them an obvious choice for high moisture areas such as kitchens or bathrooms. However, vinyl is also a perfect alternative for any other room in your home where you require a beautiful, durable and easy to clean floor that creates a luxurious and warm feel underfoot.

What makes Flexitec unique?

The Structure...Flexitec Features:

Comfort Form

Comfort Form is a luxurious cushioned vinyl backing supporting the vinyl structure and offering a base for indentation resistance. This backing reduces impact noise and sound transmission while guaranteeing unmatched underfoot comfort. The natural moisture-stop characteristics of PVC provide superior resistance to mold and mildew.


The fiberglass layer combines strength with flexibilty, ensuring an easy and trouble-free installation process. This inter-layer offers your floor a unique dimensional stability, which means that it will not contract, expand, crack or curl.

Foam Layer

On top of the fiberglass layer comes a cushioned vinyl foam layer, allowing additional indentation recovery, thanks to its resilient nature.

Quick Clean Wearlayer

The wearlayer determines the actual wear performance of you floor. The higher the wearlayer the more durable your floor. The wearlayer will give your floor its protection and resistance against general wear, dents, cuts and scratches, while retaining its lasting finish.

Super Guard

The Super Guard finish offers you even better protection. This advanced, urethane-layer resists scuffs, scrapes and stains and the accumulation of dirt and grime. This will allow your floor to retain its new look and ensure easy cleaning and maintenance.

Versatility and quality come beautifully together in Azrock's VCT line, the designer-oriented array of contemporary colors, patterns and styles that coordinate and interact in virtually endless ways.

  • 85% of VCT raw material is limestone - a clean, non-polluting and benign filler 
  • 100% of all production overage recycled back into VCT 
  • Packaged in recyclable cardboard on reusable and biodegradable wooden pallets 
  • 12" x 12" tiles 
  • Lowest up-front cost